How do I get matched with other Hotelr members?

You get matched based on your itinerary, budget, rooming preferences, and who you know in common in your social network(s). By adding LinkedIn to your profile, you’re able to expand the number of common connections you may have with a potential match.


Do I get to approve the member I’m paired with?

Yes, both parties have to accept the reservation in order for the room booking to go through.


Does my accepted match and I have to check-in to the hotel at the same time?

No, since both names are on the reservation you will be able to check-in separately. You will need to present your government-issued photo ID (i.e. passport, driver’s license) and credit card upon check-in. If you anticipate a late check-in, please message your fellow member to let them know in advance.


What happens if my match cancels at the last minute? How are you defining last minute?

Since all reservations are non-refundable, you will get to continue with your reservation as is. You’ll just have the hotel room to yourself for the same price.


How early do I need to book?

If you’re creating a reservation, we encourage you to do this as early as possible so that you have the best chances of getting matched.


If you’re joining a reservation, we also encourage you to do this as early as possible, although sometimes there may be more options closer to your reservation date.


Is there a limit on how long I should wait for a match?

If you’re not matched within 48 hours of the start of your reservation time, you will be notified via the app and an email.


When do I get charged?

As soon as both parties accept the reservation, the room will get booked and your credit card will be charged.


Can I cancel my reservation? What if it’s before I get matched with someone?

Yes, but confirmed reservations are non-refundable.


How do I know I’m getting a competitive price on the hotel room?

We work closely with our hotel partners to make sure we have the best rates possible for our members. Plus by only paying for half of the room, you always save 50%.


What about room damages?

Our aim is to create a trusted and secure community of travelers, At check-in both members will provide a credit card for individual discretionary purchases and/or incidentals. If damages occur during a member’s stay, either member is asked to notify the hotel immediately. The bill for room damages will be assigned to the responsible party by the hotel based on this notification. If the matter is still outstanding, please email us at help@hotelrapp.com.


We encourage all our members to review our Do’s and Don’ts of membership, and our Terms and Conditions.

What about lost or missing items?

As with any hotel stay, we urge our members to take special care of valuable items by keeping them hidden, locked, or in their personal possession. Because of our membership screening process, theft is not a normal concern for Hotelr members. Theft is also not tolerated and will result in immediate loss in eligibility to book using Hotelr in the future, and could lead to criminal charges. Hotelr does not reimburse members for lost items. Members should call the hotel as soon as they realize an item may have been left behind.


What about room service and in-room purchases?

We have found that it is best to purchase meals and snacks from nearby restaurants, bars, and convenience stores near our partner hotels. However, if a room-service order is made, we request that members designate the charge to the appropriate credit card. At check-in, both members will provide their credit card information for individual discretionary purchases. At check-out, we request that members indicate any remaining purchases that need to be assigned to their credit card.


We ask that members be respectful and Hotelr does not tolerate instances where members refuse to pay for services they’ve accumulated. We encourage our members to review the Do’s and Dont’s of membership. [add hyperlink]


What if I have a complaint about a member?

For any member complaints please send us a message directly at help@hotelrapp.com.


How do I earn badges?

As you complete more hotel stays on Hotelr, you will earn badges for being a frequent Hotelr member. Earning more badges will also allow access to special incentives and discounts.


Is there a number to contact if things go wrong at check-in?

Please call the customer service number on your reservation.


What if my membership doesn’t get approved?

Hotelr is selective about its members and ensures we have thoroughly screened each member. In some cases we may find that certain people might not fit in with the Hotelr community at the time of application, but we encourage you to reapply after six months for reconsideration.