Things to Keep in Mind Before You Travel Overseas

Excitement and anxiety are bound to fill your head before your next trip abroad. It is hard to determine what to expect, so here is a checklist of all the necessities you must keep in mind before you set off!

  1. Make sure your passport and visa up to date

You are supposed to renew your passport at the very latest nine months before its expiration date if you wish to use it. Check the U.S. Department of State’s site to locate your closest passport facility where you can renew. Remember, the process takes from weeks to months before the passport application is processed. There is a fee if you choose to pick faster shipping.

  1. Driver's License
    How long do you plan on staying on this new area? If renting a car was on your mind, look into the state’s policies. Is a US issued driver’s license going to fly by? It may seem like not a big deal but many foreign countries take this law to their advantage. It is best to find out if an International Driver’s License is required.
  2. Stay prepared.
    Check for any travel warnings regarding how well the terms are between your country and the country you are visiting. It is also important to check for alerts in this country, suck as sicknesses and conditions that may interfere with the health and safety of a traveler.
  3. Get all your vaccinations.
     The Center for Disease Control and Prevention website gives you all the relevant health information for any destination. If you plan on bringing prescribed medicine on your trip, bring copies of your prescription so it will be allowed on board.
  4. Insurance:
    It is very common to get sick during a trip to a foreign country. Usually, it is just a cold or fever from your body adapting to the different atmosphere. However that is not always the case. Travel insurance is very important because you never know how much you are going to need it, especially if you tend to travel frequently or plan on staying in one destination for a while.
  5. Don’t forget your camera!
    Traveling overseas is a fantastic experience that will introduce you to a bunch of different cultures, traditions, people and lifestyles. Snap a photo of all your greatest memories! Your upcoming trip will be full of surprises!

Hotelr wishes you all safe travels!