Living in a hotel is now cheaper than renting an appartment

Living in a hotel is now cheaper than renting an apartment

Cheaper& convenient

    Meet Greta, your average consumer with a middle-class salary wishing to make the most out of her time in the city.

  Greta pays $900 for her rent monthly in a 1-bedroom apartment and managed to scramble up as much money as she could to afford dull furniture and a durable mattress. After a long day from work, she finds herself on the couch attempting to avoid the electricity bills along with the parking tickets she cannot afford.

    Greta laughs at the possibility of living in a hotel, let alone consider it an option. She is unaware of the endless benefits she could receive and the expenses she could have covered. Ironically, in today’s day and age living in a hotel has become more affordable and a thousand times more beneficial than paying your monthly rent for a gloomy apartment.

A hotel’s ‘rent’ covers most of the expenses an apartment does not  

   Thinking of it in a general sense, an apartment gives off a cheaper outlook for most ordinary working citizens. You have Greta’s apartment for $900 offering one bedroom and a bathroom. This rent however does not include the monthly electricity bill, internet bill, local laundry, cable bill, or parking meters (living in a city, an apartment building with a drive-thru is a rare blessing). You are fully responsible for taking care of these expenses through your own wage.

    A hotel room offers many luxuries the average mundane apartment does not. Although a monthly stay may seem to cost more than the monthly rent, it covers many expenses and add many additional benefits. A regular hotel room will provide their guests with cable, unlimited internet, laundry and all electricity covered. Plumbing doesn’t work? Hotel’s problem, not yours to solve. Hotel parking is commonly free for visitors, which is a giant relief if you live in the city and have to spend ten minutes searching for a parking spot. Let’s not forget free breakfast! 

Prepare for luxury… hotels were designed to be visually pleasing for their customers

   A hotel’s interior design is created for the prime purpose of visual appeal which inevitably attracts more visitors and leaves them content. It is proven that the aura of a room you are in strongly influences your mood, either positively or negatively. Compare a dull apartment composed of dull furniture you could barely afford to a welcoming hotel room with graceful couches and an atmosphere offsetting the tensions of a day-to-day routine. The result is a happier you, living in peace and elegance.

    Because hotels may range in prices, some may be more affordable than living in an apartment while others can be just as affordable! Many companies offer deals that can leave your stay in even cheaper. Hotelr is one of the most rewarding sites regarding this matter because they are understanding of how much of a burden pricing may be. Hotelr allows you to stay in a hotel room of any ratings for half the price. And yes, you receive the exact same benefits as a regular customer paying full price. The only difference? You don’t pay full price.


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