How to get the most out of your vacation for less

Vacations are there for the purpose of relaxing. We take them to give ourselves a break from our daily routines and forget any pesky situations of the past. There is no reason to enter that resort stressing over your daily financial limit, or booking a low quality time-share and calling it a vacation.

With these little tips, you can save money to fully enjoy your travel time without a single thought related to the expenses behind your extravagant stay.

1. Save on food!
Let's face it- we may spend a little more than required on our daily meals and sweets. Take-out is delicious and simple to attain, but when there's a vacation coming soon, remember your priorities.
Use this as an opportunity to learn how to cook and do a little creative grocery shopping.
With websites like you can come up with simple and delicious recipes for a quarter of
the price take-out would cost. Saving money on food for a few weeks before your travel will save you
more money than you think.

2. Ebay (or yard sales, craigslist, etc..)
If you added up all the unnecessary things in your home, can you imagine how much they'd be worth?
Think of all the items in your house taking up space, cramping up your room and taking away its simple beauty.
These are items you barely touch but fail to get rid of because of their worth. Why not just sell them?
Someone out there with an ebay account could be ruthlessly searching for this exact item you would love to see in the trash.
Save up thousands of dollars by selling unnecessary objects. Not only will you save enough for two vacations, you will feel clean and relieved.

3. Use coupons to save on events and dinners before you pack up for vacation.
We all know that one annoying person in line taking out their 50 cent coupons for each item they purchase.
You don't have to be this person to save up hundreds of dollars from expensive dinners or nearby events.
Apps and websites like groupon and give you a virtual coupon that can allow you to save up to 90% of your dinner or spa dates.

4. Still a student? Take advantage of it! Use your student card for websites like to book anything from clothes to dining options to flight deals. Your student ID card will come in handy for many situations regarding your financial cirumstances, as many businesses try to be empathetic as they are aware of
a student's everday expenses.

5. Book any luxury hotel for half its original cost through Hotelr! Hotelr understands how expensive vacations can be, which leads to many individuals booking cheap hotels and risking bed bugs or a tiny room just to afford their travel. This travel company allows you to book any hotel you choose for half the price, with all the benefits and luxuries of a regular priced room. What's the catch? Absolutely nothing. You may book a room with your friend or another Hotelr member that best matches you for a fun experience. And yes, the hotel rooms booked come with all the benefits and luxuries of a regular priced room. For more information on how Hotelr works, click here. 

6.Do you really want that souvenir?
The only thing you should refrain from spending money on during your vacation are the overpriced souvenirs you are guaranteed to lose interest in after a half hour of purchasing.
When was the last time you actually put your snowglobe from Houston for display on your living room table? When was the last time you actually wore that plain, oversized t-shirt with a picture of Venice, Italy?
The best souvenir you can leave with is a picture. Best part? Pictures are free! A picture will perfectly outline your luxurious experience and the adventures that accompanied it with you and your closest friends.

7. Pack up any small thing regardless of how much you may think you will not need it. That mini first aid kit hidden somewhere in your drawers? Bring it! Those ibuprofen and aleve pills you left in your bathroom shelves? Pack them, because you never know
when it will come necessary. Why spend twice on something you already own?

8. Use your wifi whenever possible. In today's day and age, it is very likely you will have the urge to check your internet or accept a call from a talkative friend or relative. If there's wifi around you, there is no need to waste your LTE.
Always look for wifi networks near you because it will save you wonders on your data. Always keep your data in check!

9. Pack that extra sweater. Air conditioning can be a drag. Why sit in a restaurant with your friends only to hug your arms and leave yourself freezing in that sleeveless blouse? There is no need to spend money on the overpriced "I love this resort" sweater at your nearby gift shop when all you have to do is pack one sweater and be ready to face the breeze.

10. Have fun! A good laugh with your closest friends and family is worth more than anything.
Remember to give yourself time to be grateful and love the world because, as much as you have heard it before, the best things in life are free.