This country requires you to give a DNA sample before entering!


Every citizen, foreigner or traveller that is in the country for longer than 24 hours, will have to oblige to a law that requires you to give a DNA sample to the authorities. These DNA samples will be put in a government database, and people who refuse to give their DNA sample will face punitive action.



In 2015, Law No. 78/2015 – also known as the DNA law, got endorsed by the parliament of Kuwait. The government said it installed the law in order to beat criminality and terrorism in the small Gulf state. Understandably, it got a lot of critique for it.


Agreed, the country is not the biggest tourist attraction in the world, but you might end up in transit there when travelling to east Asia. However, if you stay in the airport you don’t have t worry, because you won’t be subjected to this DNA law.

Currently, some Kuwait lawyers are fighting this law in the country’s high court. The court recently ruled that it was unconstitutional, so the law might not get in practice. The original plan was to let the DNA sampling start in a few weeks.