5 Tips to Improve Quality of Service at Your Hotel

1. Every Guest is a VIP

Not everyone is a movie star, famous athlete, or CEO, however, we all appreciate being treated like one. Showing your guests attentiveness and a sense of urgency will enhance their experience, make them more likely to return, and most importantly, refer your hotel to friends. Another way to make a guest feel like a VIP is to customize their experience. Not every guest is the same so they should not be treated that way. Calling a guest by name or remembering a conversation you previously had with the guest could go a long way in enhancing his or her experience.


 2. Greet Your Guest! Instead of Meet Your Guest

Travel can be a tiring and drawn-out process that will make any guest displeased. Frequently, by the time your guest enters the hotel he will be frustrated and disappointed. It is essential that your hotel meets each guests with a positive attitude and assurance that their stay at your hotel will not in any way be the same as his travel experience. Greeting your guest with disingenuous positivity can be just as ineffective as treating your guest with negativity. A baseline attitude might be necessary in order to show the guest you understand the seriousness of their concerns.

 3. Presentation is Key

It is important that a strong presentation is maintained throughout your guest’s stay. The cleaning service’s responsibility is to make sure that every morning the guest’s room looks like it did when they first checked in. Room service should be presented as if the guests are dining at a four star restaurant. New towels daily, a stocked minibar and a properly made bed are all little things during a guest’s stay that will affect whether or not they decide to return to your hotel.

 4. Don’t be Late!

When a guest is staying at your hotel for business or time sensitive activities, it is essential that your service is well-timed. If a guest requests his breakfast to arrive at 7:00 AM because he has to make an 8:00 AM meeting, it is unacceptable for the food to arrive fifteen to thirty minutes late. Those fifteen extra minutes could ruin his entire morning and the blame will be put on the hotel. Unforeseen circumstances do occur, so if there is a delay, make sure to inform the guest promptly so he can adjust his breakfast plans accordingly.

 5. Show Staff How Actions Impact the Big Picture

It is essential to keep all staff members motivated each day. An effective way to accomplish this is to show each staff member how their individual efforts affect the hotel’s overall performance. During staff meetings show the correlation between five star customer service reviews and rate of return to the hotel. This will make each staff member feel more important and in turn keep them more focused throughout the day.