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Hotelr - A free membership-based network that lets you pay half at hotels at major conferences and events around the world when you split rooms with friends, business colleagues, or a member from our community.

How does it work?


Sign up for your free membership with Facebook or LinkedIn. Complete the member verification steps to help keep our community secure. Tell us your background, interests, and rooming preferences.


Relax, and get excited about your upcoming travel! If you don't have a friend or colleague to share with, no worries: our team will search for the best match for you based on your preferences, and we will contact you and book you a room upon your approval.

3. SAVE 50%

Enjoy all the amenities, conveniences, and security of staying at a hotel, but at half the price!

Why Hotelr?

Make reservations on the go

Our platform allows you to book hotel rooms at major conferences and events around the world at highly rated hotels in top locations for a bargain.

Meet like-minded travelers

We match you with your friends, business colleagues, or other travelers who share your preferences and itinerary. We make splitting rooms easier!

Enjoy the perks of staying at a hotel

Hotels provide consistency in service, guaranteed bookings, smooth check-ins, central locations, high standards in cleanliness with daily room cleaning, and amenities - perks that are rarely offered with a home-stay.

Save money

Need we say more? Make your trip, and memories, go further!


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